Special Events

Our products for special events include:

Special Event Toilet

An eye catching unit with a roomy interior. Special event units are our newest restrooms and are in excellent condition.

Wheel Chair Accessible Toilet

A requirement at many events and sites. This spacious unit sits flat on the ground and has handle bars with turning room inside.

Kids' Toilet

A model of the full size units but built to a scale for children with a smaller seat. Cool coolers and cartoon decals inside make it fun to use.

Free Standing Sink Station

Keep traffic moving and germs on the run with our sink station. Two sealed tanks keep clean water separate from used gray water. Foot operated pump allows immediate water stream. Approximately 600 uses per sink.

Hand Sanitizer Station

Make good hygiene a must at all events. This station produces no waste and only takes seconds to use. The station hold over two gallons of sanitizer and can handle large crowds with multiple dispensers.

Restroom Trailers

Click here to see our page dedicated to restroom trailers.